My work investigates the atmosphere of place in both the natural and constructed landscape.  Using various modes of chance and control, I aim to explore the fragile relationship between man and the natural world through attempting to represent the intangible. Relying on intuition as a guide, I am interested in momentary reflections of place and revealing the subtle and indefinite qualities in my subjects.  Intuition allows room for discovery and surprise, something I find the most captivating about the medium of photography.  Using in camera experimentations such as multiple exposures, lens flares, light leaks, blind drawings and surface manipulations on sheet film, I am fascinated with the camera’s role as a tool to depict reality.  By disrupting that role through chance based manipulations and actions within the photographic frame, I look to explore the relationship between the human hand and the photograph as an object.  Integrating the human hand into the work breaks the illusion of the picture and allows light and time within the scene depicted to serve as another expressive mark making element.  Using everything from 8x10 view cameras to 35mm point and shoots, I am interested in overlaying systems of control within blind actions and physical interventions as loss of control, to further disrupt an understanding of what is recorded as real.  By creating spontaneous abstraction grounded in a very mechanical and representational process, I aim to explore the disconnect between photography and reality and provide a distance from more straightforward modes of observation.