Daniel McCullough's work investigates the atmosphere of place in both the natural and constructed landscape.  Based primarily in photography he explores the fragile relationship between man and the natural world through futile attempts at representing the intangible.  Relying heavily on intuition, the work is directed less to specific connotations of place and instead uses the landscape as a reflection of feeling. Through chance based experimentations, light and time become frequent subjects in the work and provide a distance from straightforward modes of observation.  From physical cuts and drawings on the emulsion of sheet film, to five different layered exposures, these disruptions within the photographic frame complicate the camera's role as a tool to depict reality and provide a mediated view of the natural world.  While emphasizing the camera's flaws as a tool, Daniel uses altered landscapes and fragmented frames to construct a new reality and focus on personal relationship to place.

McCullough is currently a junior enrolled at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design with a planned graduation date of May 2018.  Majoring in New Studio Practice, he works within an interdisciplinary environment with an emphasis in photography.  He has exhibited his work locally and nationally and is a co-founder of ISO Photography Club at MIAD; an organization dedicated to providing peers with professional resources to establish a deeper understanding and development of the photographic medium.